12.2.2009 Rotting continues, Scent is getting stronger, and lots of gigs coming up this year. "Cursed Images ´09" added to gallery.

10.6.2008 We once again have suffered from changes in lineup. Antti Suikkanen has left the band, and his cousin Jori Sara-aho has replaced him. Pekka Räihä is our new bassplayer.

I assure you that the Scent will not fade away.

We´ve moved our website to http://www.scentofflesh.com/ and new promopictures will be published soon. We still need some time to get our shit together, so be patient.

17.1.2008 Jari Haapasalo has decided to leave the band. Again we´re in situation what sucks, but he had understandable reasons. No hard feelings. Still, the Scent can´t be stopped, and we´re looking for a new bassplayer.

12.7.2007 Our website has been down lately because of exceeding bandwidth limit. Sorry about that, limit rises in few days.


Gallery of Chaos 2007, and Huge gallery of Tuska 2007 added. Scent of Flesh hails all who witnessed our first gig in Tuska. Keep supporting metal!

3.7.2007 New shirts are now available.

26.5.2007 Photos of annihilated Iltatähti added to gallery.

2.5.2007 New shirts are coming during this summer, preview available in merc-section.

28.2.2007 New musicvideo "Deform in Torture" available on new downloads-section.

21.2.2007 Another circle completes as "Deform in Torture" is now released.

6.2.2007 Samu will now quit playing bass and replace Aleksi as a new Guitarist. Bass will be tortured by Jari Haapasalo from Solium XI.

31.1.2007 Special offer from Record Shop X!!! Pre-order "Deform in Torture" for 13,90euros. Cheaper price for pre-orders only!

31.1.2007 Again some serious news considering the lineup, Aleksi Susi has left the band. More info about his replacement coming soon.

15.1.2007 Release date for our third album "Deform in Torture" will be 21.2.

14.11.2006 Our server was down for a few days and some old backups were used to restore our pages. Problem is now fixed and pages updated.

5.11.2006 TVO annihilated again. Photos added to gallery.

2.11.2006 Song from our future album, "One Holy Truth" published on our website!

24.9.2006 There was time when Rock to the river was turned into the river of blood. Finally the photos of annihilation are published.

26.7.2006 Tombstone is changed back to moderated guestbook, for various reasons.

25.7.2006 Niko Ahokas is no more a member of Scent of Flesh. This decision was made because of his lack of motivation. We´re not looking for a new vocalist, and from now on all vocals will be done by Matti Viisainen, who has earlier been a band´s backingvocalist. We apologise all who think this sucks, it wasn´t an easy decision. Still, show must go on.

28.6.2006 We´ve buried our old emails alive for their serious lack of stability. Band´s new address is scentofflesh(a)gmail.com
For other addresses click contact.

19.6.2006 New shirts and patches are available. All merc can be ordered from Nocturnal Woodlands Productions.

21.4.2006 Images of Rytmikatti added to the gallery.

24.4.2006 Images of Trash & Wrestling at Husaari added to the gallery.

10.4.2006 On The Rocks has been desecrated. Livephotos added to the gallery.

23.3.2006 New shirts are now ordered, 3-4 weeks of waiting and rotting before they arrive.

2.2.2006 Suicidal Cannibalism musicvideo is now available for downloading. Check out the upper right corner of our site. Download it and share it as much as you desire.

1.2.2006 Our guestbook is now a discussion forum. No registration required for viewing and adding posts. Let the defiling begin.

23.11.2005 EP "Become Malignity" is now released. It summones 4 new songs and musicvideo from the song "Suicidal Cannibalism".

23.10.2005 Images of Lutakko added to gallery. We salute the great audience.

8.10.2005 New bio, bandpicture, and sample from "Become Malignity" added. Let your ears bleed.

12.8.2005 Recordings of "Become Malignity" went well, now we´ll just have to wait it´s release. Some photos added to the gallery to ease the painful waiting.

31.7.2005 We´re about to start recordings of the new mini-cd. Shootings of video are over, and the editing is almost ready. Let´s see what kind of video can be done with budget of 4 euros.

24.04.2005 New photos added to gallery from Judgefest prefeast in Lahti, Torvi.

31.01.2005 Dawn of the new crew. See picture with new members in band section

24.01.2005 New photos from Club UG added to gallery

20.01.2005 Scent Of Flesh signed a further deal with Firebox Records. The deal includes one mini-cd and a full-lenght album. The mini-cd is due to be recorded during Summer 2005 and will feature 4-5 new songs and one video.

18.01.2005 New website is unleashed.

02.01.2005 Sofian Gezuri has left Scent of Flesh.

10.11.2004 Herkko Miikki has left Scent of Flesh, and we're looking for new guitarist. This was common decision and Herkko will play few upcoming gigs.

9.10.2004 New album reviews added.

26.09.2004 New reviews added.

21.09.2004 "Valor in Hatred" have been licensed to the Asian market through Trinity Records.

20.09.2004 New album reviews and misc pictures added.

04.09.2004 New album reviews added.

24.08.2004 New live and promo pictures added.

23.08.2004 New album reviews and interviews added.

26.07.2004 New album reviews added.

25.07.2004 New pictures added to Gallery.

23.07.2004 New interview added and few new reviews.

16.07.2004 Next gig 21.08.2004 at TVO, Turku "Bible Bashing" with G.O.R.E, Glowing Grave and Farmakon.

16.07.2004 New album reviews added.

08.07.2004 New album reviews added.

05.07.2004 New album review and interviews added.

02.07.2004 New album reviews added

20.06.2004 Next live attack at Woodoo, Imatra 10.07.2004 with Finntroll.

20.06.2004 New album reviews and interview added.

14.06.2004 New album reviews added.

26.05.2004 Valor in Hatred is out NOW! Order it from Firebox.

22.05.2004 Tonight's gig cancelled.

17.05.2004 Check out huge Finnish Death metal special at Metal-Rules.com. Featuring interviews with Carcase Inc., Death du Jour, Deepred, Exit Wounds, Luciferase, Slugathor, Sotajumala, Source of Demise, Torn, Torture Killer, and Scent of Flesh.

10.05.2004 2 samples added from "Valor In Hatred" album. Behold!

01.05.2004 Scent of Flesh live attack at Iltatähti, Lappeenranta 22.05.2004 with Nailgunner and Dead Revolution.

30.03.2004 Scent of Flesh has signed to Firebox records.

28.03.2004 Scent of Flesh has quit co-operation with Black Lotus records.

02.03.2004 Scent of Flesh logo t-shirts with Valor in Hatred text available now!! Limited 50 edition L Size T-shirts. 12 euros + postials Contact:morbid@scentofflesh.net

02.03.2004 Scent of Flesh live attack at Woodoo, Imatra 13.03.2004 with Goatmoon and Bloodrose.

04.01.2004 Valor In Hatred tracklist:









10.08.2003 Scent of Flesh starts recordings of their second album at september in Music Bros studios. "Valor in hatred" will be released March 2004 and it contains about 40 minutes of brutal death metal madness with some melodic influences.

30.06.2003 New album review added.

01.06.2003 New pictures on biography section, new links and new review added.

31.05.2003 New album review added.

01.05.2003 Unleash Your Wrath at Tom's Rock, Imatra 28.05.2003. Scent of Flesh, BloodRose and Those Slackers.

23.04.2003 New pictures on biography section. Red picture is the first new one.

23.04.2003 New album reviews added.

13.04.2003 New album reviews added.

29.03.2003 Check out the Lord of Metal's album review of Roaring depths of insanity.

16.03.2003 Check out the Metalhel's album review of Towards Eternal Lost.

14.03.2003 Life begins to die in Nite Train, Imatra 30.3.2003. Scent of Flesh & BloodRose.

14.03.2003 Check out the Metal-rules.com's album review of Roaring depths of insanity.

02.03.2003 Check out the Transcending the Mundane's interview of SoF.

02.03.2003 New layout of Scent of Flesh -site ready! Skullfucking brutalism continues!

14.02.2003 Scent of Flesh new email address is morbid@scentofflesh.net and new location is www.scentofflesh.net

06.02.2003 Scent of Flesh plays at Monari, Lappeenranta 22.02.2002. It's somekind of metalnight, other bands are not known yet.

06.02.2003 Scent of Flesh distributor in Finland is Firebox and you can order the album from them. Album can be bought directly from SoF also. CD's price is 15 euros.

06.02.2003 Check out the Metal-Guide.com's album review of Roaring depths of insanity. Check out the Imperiumi's album review of Roaring depths of insanity.

20.01.2003 Check out the SuomiMetalli's album review of Roaring depths of insanity.

17.01.2003 2 samples added to the samples section. Enjoy !

13.01.2003 Check out the Archaic Metallurgy's album review of Roaring depths of insanity.

08.01.2003 Check out the Metalhel's album review of Roaring depths of insanity.

01.01.2003 Lyrics of Roaring Depths of Insanity added.

22.11.2002 Roaring Depths of Insanity will be released 30.11.2002.

11.11.2002 Roaring Depths of Insanity tracklist:











11.11.2002 Kirves heilahtaa -minimetalfest is cancelled because of various reasons (broken PA ...).

17.09.2002 05.12.2002 SoF will play in Kirves Heilahtaa -minimetalfest (Jyväskylä) with Torn and surprise artist.

28.08.2002 Scent of Flesh debut album Roaring Depths of Insanity is now recorded and will be released later this year.

09.07.2002 New pictures added to the Gallery.

01.07.2002 Check out the Archaic Metallurgy's demo review of Towards Eternal Lost.

26.05.2002 Check out the SoF interview on Goathick.

08.04.2002 Check out the SuomiFinlandPerkele's demo review of Towards Eternal Lost.

07.04.2002 Scent of Flesh's Official homepages new external appearance saw the darkness.

20.03.2002 Extreme Finland has made an interview of Scent of Flesh. Check it out here!

10.03.2002 Scent of Flesh has made a deal with Black Lotus Records. First album Roaring depths of insanity will be released the latter part of this year.

05.03.2002 Check out the Metalhel demo review of Towards Eternal Lost.

24.02.2002 Check out the SoF interview on Hiidentorni.

07.01.2002 Check out the SuomiFinlandPerkele's demo review of Drowned into the Darkness.

10.12.2001 New demo Towards Eternal Lost is finally released.

29.08.2001 SoF is going to the studio 17-18.11.2001 to record their new demo Towards Eternal Lost

27.08.2001 Scent of Flesh opens their webpages.