Scent of Flesh was formed in the year 2000 for only one purpose. Deathmetal. Brutal, technical deathmetal with trash- and melodic influences. In the beginning they went through almost mindlesly intense training and in one year their playing skills improved enough for studiorecordings from near zero. First demo "Drowned into the Darkness" was recorded in early 2001 with 6 bandmembers. The lineup was guitarist and backvocalist Matti Viisainen, guitarist Herkko Miikki, guitarist Markus Toivonen, drummer Antti Suikkanen, bassist Sofian Gezuri and vocalist Niko Ahokas. This demo didn´t get them recording deal, so at the same year they went to studio again. Second demo "Towards Eternal Lost" was released with five members after Markus Toivonen had left the band. This demo was recorded and mixed by Miitri Aaltonen at Music-Bros Studios, and after that Miitri was going to be responsible for many future fleshsmelling releases.

Black Lotus Records from Greece offered three album deal after hearing the second demo, and first album "Roaring Depths of Insanity" was released later 2002. Band had already started songwriting for the next album before first was released, so they could enter studio again in summer 2003. At this point the cooperation with Black Lotus was already failed in numerous things, and when they just kept delaying the release date of second album, band decided to break the unfortunate deal.

Firebox Records, the earlier Finnish distributor of Scent of Flesh, decided to publish the second album and "Valor in Hatred" was finally released from it´s rusty chains in 2004. After that Herkko Miikki and Sofian Gezuri decided to the leave band for theyr own reasons. Aleksi Susi replased Herkko, and Matti´s brother, Samu Viisainen became the new bassist.

In August 2005, with new members band maltreated theyr instruments in studio again and EP "Become Malignity" was released later that year. This release includes also theyr first musicvideo from the song "Suicidal Cannibalism".

During the recordings of third album, band decided to let vocalist Niko Ahokas go, and earlier backvocalist Matti took his place. Antti and Matti were now the last two original members in four man band. Despite the changes in lineup, and occasionally hard difficulties, Scent of Flesh has always struggled forward through blood and intestines. Unshaken will to play the music they want, and intention to tighten grip around throat in every release, has made the band what it is today. And will always be. In 2007 Scent of Flesh releases theyr third album "Deform in Torture" what goes right through without stopping to the bone.

Added 6.2.2007 Aleksi Susi has left the band and is replaced by Samu. Bass will be tortured by Jari Haapasalo.

Line up:

Matti Viisainen - Guitar, vocals

Samu Viisainen - Guitar

Pekka Räihä - Bass

Jori Sara-Aho - Drums